• Authentic Look

    VexoraWigs boast a natural appearance, allowing for styling and coloring just like real hair, ensuring a customized look.

  • Longevity

    Compared to synthetic wigs, our human hair wigs offer enhanced durability, minimal tangling, and the ability to withstand heat styling tools for prolonged use.

  • Enhanced Comfort

    Crafted from breathable materials, VexoraWigs provide superior comfort by facilitating airflow and minimizing itchiness or potential scalp irritation.

  • Styling Versatility

    VexoraWigs exhibit remarkable versatility when it comes to styling, making them suitable for various occasions, ranging from everyday wear to special events.

Frequently Asked Questions

About VexoraWigs Color Ideas And Style

We dye the hair and style it in our brand-own salon, every wig has its unique salon-quality color.

Is Shedding Normal?

Yes, Just like with your natural hair, shedding is completely normal and should be expected even with wigs. Overtime hair will shed with wear, washing, styling and day to day activities. Bleached knots will speed this up. We do not offer reventilating services nor do we offer refunds for shedding. Lace tops are especially prone to shedding.

What Type Of Hair Is Used?

All of our wigs are made using the finest quality Mongolian or European hair.It has not been permed or dyed, so the relative cost will be higher. It retains the original cuticle of the hair, and its smoothness and service life are much better than ordinary hair. The service life of braids is about 3~5 years~

Can I Use Or Do I Need To Use Glue/Tape, Or A Wig Cap With These Wigs?

Nope! These wigs come with a special cap that hugs your head so you can simply put on and go. They are designed to be used without any adhesives, including tape, glue, clips, or wig grips.

How Do I Care For My Human Hair?

A care instruction card will be sent with every order. Keep in mind your new human hair piece needs to be treated and cared for to maintain the longevity of the piece. It needs to be treated with shampoo and conditioner normally between 6-8 weeks depending on wear. You will need to style it with heat tools (just make sure to use the lowest settings to achieve style). If you want a lower maintenance wig look for one that dries naturally to your preference whether this is curly or straight). If your piece is custom colored, you will need to take it in after 7-12 months to get the desired brightness/tone back in the custom color. Just as your natural hair would fade after numerous washes and over time depending on wear.

How Do I Cut The Lace?

We recommend you use a smaller pair of scissors to cut your lace for precision and accuracy.

1. Begin by using some clips and clipping all the hair away from the lace. This prevents you from accidentally cutting any hair.

2. Slowly trim around the hairline, starting at one ear and finishing at the other.

3. Aim to leave about 1/4 - 1/2 inch of lace beyond the hairline. If you cut directly to the hairline, you may find you have issues with the lace sitting flat against your forehead.

4. Once you've made your cuts, try the wig on and see how it looks. From there, you can choose to cut more if necessary.

What Are Return Hairs?

Return hairs are shorter strands of hair resulting from hand-tied techniques used to knot the hair to the base of your cap. These hairs are completely normal and are not the same as damaged “split” or “broken” ends. These short hairs are easily concealed with light plucking, heat styling. You can also use hair spray, wax spray or pomade to lay them down.

When I Wash My Wig, I See Color In The Water?

This is normal with any custom colored piece, and the color will not completely wash out.